We Specialize in Authentic Arkansas  High-Vibrational Energy Quartz Crystal, that is especially suited for the Reiki and crystal healing community and practice.


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Unique Crystal Collections

Mined in the state of Arkansas

Arkansas is known for it's high vibrational quartz energy.



Healing Stones and Gems

Stone healing and strong feelings can be a combination you never thought of, if you think about yourself as a patient person. Patience plus a strong fiery attitude are complete opposite! In reality patience is the remedy for ‘negative' inner fire like anger, irritation and rage.
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Natural Stones: A Gift from Gaia

Natural stones are being used extensively in residential and industrial sectors. Chemical, construction, R&D, medical and horoscope trades are the main consumers of different stones. Yet, we have many type of natural stones unearthed. Calcite crystals, tumble stone, clear quartz crystal and quartz countertop are popular and more demanded crystals.
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Feng Shui Crystals and Stones for Wealth, Health and Well Being

Using natural stones are a popular cure to help change your life, most of which are feng shui crystals and geodes and quartz. Here are a few examples of stones that feng shui considers very powerful in achieving chi and harmony in your life:
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A leading supplier of High-vibrational Crystals from the quartz Capital of the world, Arkansas.

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